Field of Green Slots

Field of Green Slots
Have you ever heard of a game called Field of Green Slots? It's a casino game that has 5 reels,20 lines, bonus games, and free spins. You can also win big with the wilds giving double payouts, random jackpots, and scatters. It's the type of football game everyone enjoys playing especially if you are winning. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing about this game is what type of game is it? Is it some kind of grass game? or what is there to do in Field of Green Slots? If you are familiar with the sport football you are about halfway there or learning the game. It is an RTG slot game where each player is in position while the quarterback is getting ready to throw the ball. The objective is to find the symbols on the field and throw them to that player. Once the player catches it you will have the opportunity to protect the player with a helmet symbol for as long as you can before he goes down. Each play feels and sounds like you are watching the real thing live with cheerleaders cheering and referees calling down every play along with the crowd trying to distract you with loud noises.

The Field of Green Online Slots Wagering

Before starting the game you will notice a button that reads bet per line and the other one is spin. The bets per line can go from as low as 0.01 credits to about 5.00 credits depending on which you prefer. Although you are feeling extremely lucky and want to beat the maximum amount of credits then you can go up to 100 credits per line. We wouldn't recommend it if you are a first-time player but if you are feeling a bit risky then be our guest.

Field Of Green Wild Symbol

Here in the Field of Green Slots game the best one you can get is the golden football trophy. It is the symbol that can be substituted by any other symbol meaning if you get a straight row of the same symbol and you land on the golden football that one will automatically switch to the symbol that you need. When one or more of the wild symbols appear better to be ready to hear some noise as the crowd will go wild and for each wild symbol that you get the prizes will multiply 2x. You can imagine how much the prize would be if you got all the wild symbols at once.

Field of Green Scatter Symbol

This symbol is football. Whenever you get two or more scatter symbols both pay from the right and the left sides. Three or more scatter symbols will get you into a bonus round which will give you more chances to earn more.

Field of Green Bonus Round

The bonus round can only be activated after you get three or more that appear either from the right or left sides. Anytime during the game you decide to go for an extra point you have the option to bring out the kicker on the field and if it is successful the points will be shown on the left-hand side. Free spins along with prizes can be awarded for each kick you make.

Field of Green Free Spins

You can only get free spins after the bonus rounds have ended. Prizes are multiplied 3x during that phase and can only activate once. You can't reactivate them again. If you are into slot games and enjoy watching football at the same time then this is the game for you to try out and enjoy while you are playing.