Funkey Monkey Slots

The name is entertaining and the games live up to all of the fun and excitement. Funky Monkey is based on a musical monkey. This game does stand out among the rest. The game is colorful and many players have stated that it is fun to play. The game was developed by the Playtech company. This game is different and is something that will stick with the players. This game has some traditional elements blended with some new and unique aspects. That may be all good but players are wondering if they can make a profit.

Wild Adventure

There is only one pay line in this game. This is a very basic style of slot machine games making it great for a beginner. The only problem is with fewer pay lines there is also a lesser chance of winning. This game will allow a player to have a better understanding of how video slot games work. Something New and Funky The graphics on this game are modern and cool. Funky Monkey can be found on the top left of the screen. He is quite the sight to see. He has a bongo in his hand. He is also wearing a purple suit with a big smile. He is upbeat and will attract attention. The gameplay area is green which will really allow the monkey to be the center of attention.

On Top

The game has a table near the top so they can see the payout and winning combinations. This game does offer the chance to walk away with some money. There is a $2,500 x on the base bet that a player can win. There are three slot reels and three bottom reels. They read bet one. When a player hits this button they will increase the amount they are betting. Playing the minimum amount a player can win 10x all the way to 800x their bet. The middle amounts can allow a player to win 20x to 1,600x their bet. With the highest bets, the player can win between 30x and 2,500x the base bet. These are great prizes, especially for a simple game.

Other Prizes and Features

While the prizes do look promising they are not always easy to hit. There is only one line to make a winning combination. If a player does win they will get 4x their bet with the lowest amount. There are some special symbols in the game but they do not hit often.


The betting begins at 0.05 for each spin. A player can increase their bet to as much as 5.00 per spin. Even with the lower bets, the game is still fun to play and welcoming for beginners.

All the Funk

This game is different than others online. There are no wild symbols, scatters, and there are no bonus rounds. The game may be too basic for some. The visuals do aid the game a lot as a player can enjoy the simplicity. This is a greater starter game and it is fun to play. Some players are looking to play slot machine games for entertainment and those that are looking to make a profit. This game is worth looking into because it is fun to play. With the multipliers, there is also the chance that a player can walk away with a lot of money. If a player is looking for a fun and visually appealing game then Funky Monkey is it. This game offers some cool graphics and there is not much thinking about bets and combinations require. It is a nice game for those that want a simple evening of gameplay.