Goldbeard Slots

Goldbeard Slots

Among the many online games that have been developed, Goldbeard is among them, and it is real-time gaming that is a pirate-themed slot machine. Goldbeard is among the famous and wealthiest pirates who found much treasure. With Goldbeard, you get to learn how to win as much treasure in the slot Mchine during real-time gaming. Earning these rewards and bonuses can be through high-seas adventures. These adventures entail identifying hints to hidden treasure, cannons, parrots, treasure chests, and ships. Examples of bonus games are Double Prize Wild Goldbeards, Pieces Of Eight Total-bet Multipliers, Free Spins And Prize Multipliers, And Random Progressive Jackpot. Minor spin-stakes can make the player a pirate, and when playing these games, one can choose laptops or desktop monitors since they are perfect for such activities. When you have the basic skills in the game, you are sure that once you play, you will win treasures with the help of the Goldbeard.


There is a desert island owned by Goldbeard and his team from which they depart to look for random ships for them to raid treasure. As a player to join in the trip, you will require to spin the five-by-three reel greed and provide a choice of up to twenty pay-lines. Experienced slot players are acquainted with games themed on high sea plunders like Pirate Plunder or Pirate Isle, which possess a large fan base. To get part of what Goldbeard and his team manage to raid, you will be required to find numbered and lettered hints that are very important in finding treasure. The set number of coins is approximately two hundred coins from the collection of letters and numbers. When you plunder cannons and treasure chests, you get a share of five hundred coins, one thousand coins when you plunder Goldbeard's parrots, and two thousand five hundred coins if you assist in identifying the ships that Goldbeards team can raid.


The accomplished team members are awarded several bonuses, including Wild Goldbeards on reel one or five. Wild Goldbeards can substitute all prize symbols, giving the player a larger share of the booty with double prizes. The appearance of these Wild Goldbeards on the first and fifth reels concurrently the second, third, and fourth free spins are triggered and results in the tripling of the prizes. When found, some of the Pieces of Eight will multiply the total bet where two multiplies it one time, three multiplies it five times, four multiplies it twenty times, and five multiplies it a hundred times. Progressive Random Jackpot is also awarded after any reels spin. Achievement of these wins is supposed to be well experienced in the game and know how best to practice their skills.


In this game, the player is not forced to start high-seas adventures; instead, there is an allowance for one to play for small stakes. The stakes range from as little as 0.01 coins per spin up to 0.25 coins per stake when one chooses to play one to twenty lines on every spin. The maximum of these bets is five coins per spin. The player is allowed to settle for what is best for them and feel comfortable playing. Depending on the level of experience that one has, these choices will vary from one to the other in the game where the most experienced are willing to go for high stakes compared to the beginners. Before joining the Goldbeard, one must gather all the relevant information before deciding to embark on the high-seas adventures that promise huge prizes and attractive bonuses. The choice is also supposed to be determined by how much one is willing to stake and the expected gains from the game.