Green Light Slots

For any reason you may be curious about the amount of adrenaline flowing quickly through your veins as the light turns green at the beginning of a formula one race, well check out the answer with the online slot game from Real Time Gaming called "Green Light". In the Green Light Feature, you get a race of the vehicles for free with others games to look ahead to such as Prize Multipliers, Wild Drivers, and Free Spins. You can also acquire quite a few other prizes as you progress including drinking champagne and winning trophies dating a whole host of models, (only after the race) - similar to the real formula-one drivers.

This game may be older, but still a good one to play and it certainly definitely does cost much with bets from a mere 0.01 coins per spin.

The Circuit

Similar to most RTG slot machines the race circuit in Green Light is a generally created 5 x 3 reel setup that gives its players 20 lines for racing on which they can obtain prizes, and the checkered-flag-designed symbols are an added bonus.

Green For Go

Go ahead and accelerate from the instant you press spin, and you will shortly be gathering up prizes such as 1,000 coins for drinking champagne, and another 1,000 coins for winning trophies. You can also acquire an additional 2,000 coins for drinking that champagne with some beautiful blonde models. You can acquire up to 5,000 coins after you get in the car, and as soon as the green light tells you to go you can start obtaining those bonuses.

3 or greater Green Lights will generate up to 200x your bet total, at the same time it will also generate the Green Light Feature in which you begin by choosing 1 of 5 cars to drive around the track. Upon completing in the position of first you will win 25 games for free, 2nd 20 games for free, 3rd 15 games for free, 4th 10 games for free, and 5th 5 games for free. Nevertheless, should you happen to place in the position of first or second you will acquire a chance to race in a second race where you can obtain up to an extra 100 free games for completing in the position of 1st, even with an additional 5 games for obtaining the position of 5th. All prizes obtained during free games are doubled as well. It's very possible you may find yourself in some arguments with Wild Drivers, however winning these arguments and these drivers will exchange for more symbols to create a mass amount of winning lines of payment, and double those prizes.

Racing Lines

There are 20 lines of racing to pick from, and you can play 1 to 20 of them of the reels on any spin. At that point place line-bets of anywhere from 0.01 coin to 0.25 coins on all lines. This grants a starting bet of only 0.01 coins per spin when you can play all 20 lines starting at 0.2 coins a spin. The total bet on all spins is 5 coins.

Give It The Green Light

So this is the perfect opportunity for you to race formula one cars and come in contact with some gorgeous models while in the process of playing for bonuses and big prizes - you've got to allow this slot the green light! A winner with online casinos in France, and also those in the U.S., you can satisfy your desire for speed immediately with this octane-filled slot.