Haunted Opera Slots

Casinos are one of the most entertaining businesses around especially when it comes to gambling. The Haunted Opera Slot game is a video slot that only has around 20 Paylines and 5 lines. The graphics are up to date with stunning visuals that will make your eyes pop out of your sockets the moment you look at them. You can choose from two modes to play. Fun mode and Real Money Mode are both accessible on Pc and mobile.

Haunted Opera Slot is a game that has a French Novel based on the popular title The Phantom Of The Opera. While playing you can find yourself in a world of the mask, rose, mirror, and the only phantom. The key to succeeding in the game is you have to find 3 reels. The letter, mask, and the phantom. The design of the game has a unique gothic style similar to the film.


Are you afraid of The Phantom? The only way to beat him is to through many mazes and solve puzzles to get his mask. Although if you fail to get the mask you will spend an eternity trapped in a room forever. To begin the game there are choices you have to make by pressing an arrow button on the left of the screen. You will also have the option to choose how much money you want to play for.

As the game begins you will notice something called pay lines where you can control how much you want to play for. The higher you bet the more you will win and the prize would be bigger compared to if you bet lower. After you have placed your bets and are ready to go locate the spin button on the screen. Many players at first have problems locating it because of how unique the game looks with all its bright colors on the screen. Once you hit the spin button you can sit back relax and let the game do its thing. Whether you want to increase or decrease the amount you can with a button next to the spin.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds in games are very special, especially in Haunted Opera Slots. The phantom mask is like a wild symbol that replaces others symbols. There are also free spins and multiplier. To activate some free spins, a letter has to land on a reel which is 1 and 5. A 2x multiplier is added whenever you land a free spin which adds up to 5 free spins. While those 5 free spins are activated your chances of winning increase and the wild prizes are multiplied by 6x. Always keep your eye out on the phantom in case he makes an appearance and gives you extra free spins to even maximize your earning potential.


The ultimate prize for the Haunted Opera Slot game is about 40,000x bets per line. You will know you hit the jackpot as soon as some loud music starts to play. Although it is possible to hit two jackpots in a row it is very difficult to do.


The game developers at Realtime Gaming would like to thank everyone that plays the game which brings a unique experience both on slot machines and mobile. It is located at any casino near you or you can check some listings to see if it is available in your area. Although there are many other slot games to choose from the Haunted Opera game is like no other you have ever seen before and is very easy to play.